Mobile and stationary units for waste water and drinking water treatment and decontamination with different capacity (1.0 – 100 m3/hour) are based on pulsed ultraviolet technology.

Dissolved organic pollutants are eliminated by treating the water with high-intensity pulsed UV light of continuous spectrum, generated by state-of-art pulsed xenon UV lamps.

Irradiation spectrum of such lamps covers the whole ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions. Water is treated with short (a few tens of microseconds) light pulses of very high intensity.

It has been proven, that such water treatment eliminates each and all pathogens, including the most persistent virus spores (poliomyelitis, hepatitis and others), neutralizes biotoxins.

Pulsed UV destructs broad class of toxic organic substances (chlorine-, phosphorus- and nitrogen-containing pesticides, phenols, petrochemicals, organohalogen compounds and others) and remains efficient even at high levels of initial bacterial and chemical contamination.

Together with conventional waste water treatment methods, this technology prospectively allows for creating a closed water circulation scheme at various facilities.

The units are fully automatic and warrant high quality of the treated water. The water quality control system adjusts energy consumption depending on the initial contamination level. The cost of water treatment and decontamination depends on the pollutant type.

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