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Mobile pulsed xenon ultraviolet unit for air and surfaces disinfection "Yanex-2M"


Portable pulsed xenon ultraviolet unit for air and surfaces disinfection "Yanex-5"


Unit for waste water and drinking water treatment

Pulsed ultraviolet units for rooms' disinfection produced by SIE “Melitta” 

The company offers unique equipment – pulsed ultraviolet units “Yanex” for urgent and routine disinfection of air and open surfaces disinfection.

Working with the unit

The operator inputs the distance to the furthest point of the surface to be treated on the control panel or remote control. The unit automatically calculates the time required to reach the 99.99 % efficiency at the set distance.

A built-in microprocessor constantly monitors and controls the germicidal flow of the xenon lamp, which allows for ensuring high disinfection quality even if the surfaces are contaminated with biological material (blood, sputum, saliva, urine).

The unit automatically shuts off after fully completing the disinfection cycle, adjusting for the lamp's condition if required.

Besides, the operator can stop the unit's operation at any time from outside the room with help of the remote control. 

Value of the units 

  • The units are based on the worldwide leading technology originating in Russia; 
  • Out-of-the-box solution for fast and efficient rooms' disinfection; 
  • This is the only technology having both high disinfection efficiency (over 99.9 %) and minimum treatment time (from 30 seconds); 
  • Decontamination from all types of microorganisms and viruses even in presence of organic material on the surface; 
  • Our manufacturing facilities and equipment fully comply with Russian and international quality standards; 
  • Reduction of costs for treating the HAI among patients and for the personnel's sick time; 
  • Ability to treat a vast number of rooms in one working shift.