Main Application


Pulsed UV units of Yanex series are used for rapid indoor air and open surfaces disinfection from all kinds of pathogens with efficiency of over 99.9 %

The units are highly efficient for:

  • disinfecting the rooms that require high - over 99.9 % - decontamination efficiency: surgery suits, postoperative wards, labor and postnatal wards, aseptic rooms, intensive care units, natal rooms, clean areas at Central sterile store department;
  • if any highly resistant microorganisms and viruses, including their sporous forms and unsusceptible strains, are present in the room;
  • disinfecting the rooms with high risk of surfaces contamination with biological material (blood, sputum, urine etc.);
  • disinfecting the rooms with constantly growing microbial load in the air and on surfaces;
  • urgent and routine disinfection of rooms and their preparation for further use: in between surgeries, interventions, patient's attendances, in patient's rooms after discharge of transfer of patients, in clean rooms during routine breaks.

Yearlong experience of units' use demonstrates considerable decrease of healthcare-associated infections incidence at healthcare facilities, as well as improvement of operational environment at manufacturing and production facilities .